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We are looking for equally passionate colleague to join us! Please email us at [email protected] and find out how we can grow this amazing company together!

Contact our HR department: 016-8413221

We are looking for talents to fill in the job opportunity listed below:

Full Time Position

  • Junior Human Resource Assistant (Based in PJ HQ)
  • Customer Service & Delivery Assistant Manager (Semenyih)
  • Customer Service & Delivery Associate (Semenyih)
  • Warehouse Senior Supervisor (Semenyih)
  • Retail Assistant Manager (Sales) – (Based in Ruma PJ / Nilai)
  • Retail Supervisor – (Based in Ruma PJ / Nilai)

Part Time Position

  • Part-Time Retail Supervisor (Based in Ruma PJ / Nilai)

Internship Programme

  • Internship Marketing Trainee (Based in PJ HQ)
  • Internship in Human Resource Management (Based in HQ)
  • Internship Retail Management (Based in Ruma PJ / Nilai)
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