About us

We are a team of passionate home furnishings lovers who believe that a beautiful home need not be excessively expensive. We design and source for home furnishing pieces that are stylish and chic enough to make your neighbours envious yet priced reasonably.

Ruma designs and curates home furnishings that ideally represents the urban, modern, and cosmopolitan flavours so desired by – but have been beyond the reach of – most people. Our passionate teams, who are equally as house-proud as you, strive to create inspiring pieces that amplify the beauty of your home. We also source and handpick the trendiest home furnishing items, then tweak and resize them to fit the needs of a modern home.

We do not just sell tables, chairs, and cabinets. Instead, Ruma is built upon a passion to help you create a home that inspires your dreams, your individuality, you. At Ruma, we believe that a beautiful home is within your grasp, you just need a little inspiration.

And At Ruma, Inspiration lives here.

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