Let’s Get Fabulous With Rattan Touch in Your Interior Design


Like most trends that come and go over time, the trend of incorporating rattan into Malaysian homes has been a constant thanks to its timeless design and lasting quality. Also, rattan is one of the materials that’s commonly found in Southeast Asia.

Given that it grows naturally in this region, it’s no surprise that rattan can add a touch of fabulousness to your home with its natural colour. Not only that, but rattan furniture also goes well with several interior styles (think bohemian, country, and coastal) that you ever dreamed of for your home.

For Malaysians who grew up with their grandparents, a touch of rattan in their home can be a nostalgic representation of their once simple life. Regardless, adding some rattan touches to your home can be one of the many ways to improve your interiors.

Aside from that, rattan furniture tends to have intricate designs that are visibly unique due to its shaping flexibility. This makes it a preferred material for certain home décor items such as the chair or basket.

With its reputation as one of the most durable furniture materials, it’s no surprise that you’ll want to incorporate some of the rattan touches into your home. Ahead, we’re sharing some tips on adding rattan to your home’s interior.


How to decorate your interior with rattan

According to interior designers, rattan furniture pieces are best suited to add some accent to a room. Derived from a vine-like plant, rattan is a natural material that can be bent or woven into various shapes and patterns. While it’s commonly used in the outdoors, thanks to its weather resistance, rattan pieces can bring a range of texture to any room.

In addition to that, rattan pieces tend to add some warmth to a room when it’s aptly used. Imagine adding some rattan chairs Malaysia to your living room. You can instantly feel a relaxing and inviting ambience.


Spruce up your living room

If you’re looking to refresh the look of your home’s interior, consider incorporating some rattan furniture such as chairs, sofas, coffee tables, etc. Due to its lightweight design, you can switch up the arrangement of your rattan pieces any time of the year to suit the occasion.

Rattan pieces also tend to exude a casual, inviting feel that’s perfect for your home’s interior where comfort is key. To up the cosiness, simply accessories your rattan chair with removable seats and throw pillows.


Bring out the warmth of your dining room

With the kitchen at the heart of most homes, adding a touch of rattan to your dining room may just bring out the warmth of any home-cooked meal. Also, you’ll have a dining room that works for every occasion, be it an elegant dinner for your guests or a cosy meal with your family members.

If you wish to make a striking statement for your dining room without it feeling stuffy, adding some rattan pieces may just be your go-to material, thanks to its natural fibre which helps to add a sense of casualness.


Accentuates a room

Given its versatility as furniture pieces or simply a home décor item, rattan can be used just about anywhere in a room, even the bedroom. If you have a neutral interior for your bedroom, you can incorporate a rattan headboard to boost visual interest while introducing some natural elements for a relaxing experience.

Additionally, the woven material offers textural contrast to a seemingly-neutral room to make the furniture stand out. For more impact, look for rattan pieces with unique designs and silhouettes to accentuate the bedroom.

Now that you’ve learned how to decorate your home’s interior with rattan, it’s also crucial to not overdo it. Bear in mind that rattan works best to accentuate a room. Here are two ways to make your home look modern with some touch of rattan.


Choose your pairings carefully

One good thing about rattan furniture is that its natural colour tends to blend well with many different colours. However, it’s fairly important to match it well so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space.


Keep it simple

Simplicity is the best policy. If you wish to make any of the rattan furniture in your room stand out among the rest, make sure to keep the décor simple and easy on the eyes.

Other than keeping things simple, rattan furniture is perfect for the outdoors due to its weather resistance.

For an interior that’s both modern and classic, consider adding rattan furniture such as a lounge chair, dining chair, or some barstool. At Ruma, we offer a variety of rattan furniture to complete your desired home interior.

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