How To Transform A Boring Bedroom

How To Transform A Boring Bedroom

Have you ever taken a look at your bedroom and wondered, why does it look so boring?

Very often, we design our bedrooms as minimal as possible to achieve a soothing, calm and serene vibe for sleep. But most of the time this results in a room feeling cold,sparse and un-lived-in, which is the opposite of what you’d hoped and dreamed of.

In this article, we’ll share a few tips and tricks on how to make neutral and plain interior design shine for your bedroom, such as adding a wooden armchair you can commonly find in Malaysia. Regardless if it’s for a small bedroom with a single bed frame or a luxurious suite, read on for more tips on how to transform a boring bedroom!



Tips On Transforming A Boring Bedroom Into Chic Style


1) Think Beyond Plain White

When we think of designing clean-looking and neutral bedrooms, pure white is the first thing that springs to mind. But this is a common mistake.

Rather than having everything in white, explore soothing tones like cream, beige, dusty grey, camel, and more instead, to achieve a space that feels calm but not clinical.


2) Pop A Pattern In Each Space

Pattern is king when it comes to elevating a neutral room. And you don’t even have to do it in a big, bold way. The bedroom above, for example, showcases this concept perfectly. Be it in a cushion or quilt cover, floor rug or wall of tiles; pattern in one form or another is your best friend.


3) Hang Art With A Scenic Vibe

The whole point of having a calm and minimalist bedroom is that it creates this chilled-out, effortless vibe. So, when it comes to adorning your walls, avoid the mistake of putting art that’s too loud and visually overwhelming, or pieces way too safe and abstract that it feels pointless to hang it up in the first place.

Scenic art like a beach image on the wall of a bedroom is a smart move, for example. Look for pieces that showcase trees, the ocean, natural formations; anything nature-inspired but not too dark is a good idea.


4) Embrace Embellishments As Well

Neutral colours tend to be easy to decorate with but sometimes it can be taken too far. You know, there’s white walls, light carpet in rooms, and white bedding in a flat linen. If you’re looking for a way to add interest without going overboard, embellishments in smaller doses are key (and they’re easy to include).

Think about bedding with a quilted detail, for example. Bring in a throw with some tassels. Or even with bedding and cushions, look for frayed edges that bring a level of softness to the space. It’s these little details that work wonders in keeping the room visually interesting without overwhelming it.


5) Let Nature In

Another interesting way to transform your boring bedroom is to let nature in. Introducing plants, flowers, twigs or even rocks brings with it an organic feel that really makes a neutral room seem more alive.

If you don’t want to bring a bold pop of green into your neutral space, consider fresh flowers or dried flower arrangements which can brings softness and peace to your bedroom.


6) Go For Eye-Catching Rugs and Lighting

Besides adding warmth to a room, a rug can also look cozy against harder materials. Architectural lighting is another thing that can amp up the wow factor in a bedroom. It provides a sculptural quality and it is a great space saver in smaller rooms.


7) Add Furniture At The End Of Your Bed

Aside from looking pretty, a bench can also be very practical for putting your clothes on or for sitting on it while you are putting on your socks. Style it the way you would a coffee table – stack oversize books and cloche, magazines or a bright throw in case you get cold during the night.

You can also add an additional touch of luxury, such as a wooden armchair in Malaysia that lets you relax with a book before heading to bed. Not only does it add an extra dimension to your bedroom’s design, it adds an element of comfort to your personal haven!


8) Treat Yourself To A New Bed And Mattress

While you’re trying to transform the design of your bedroom, you’ll also want to ensure that your bedroom is equally comfortable. You can do that by investing in comfortable bedroom furniture so that you can relax and unwind in absolute bliss.

Many people overlook the benefits of having a comfortable mattress that suits you posture, but it can be essential to not only your health, but also the quality of your sleep.

Once you have found your dream mattress, it’s time to locate a bed frame that suits your bedroom’s aesthetic. Remember that your bed frame is going to be the centre stage of your room, so you will want to ensure that you are choosing a bed that matches the overall interior design of your room.


9) Layer Up And Lie Back

Last but not least, put some finishing touches to the room. Nothing makes a bed look more inviting than luxurious layers of linens and pillows.

Layer quilts and throws at the end of the bed over the bedspread. Not only do they look great but its nice to have a little extra cover close to you if it gets cold during the night. Square, European-style pillows look great when combined with regular shaped pillows. Try positioning a European-style pillow with a contrasting colour pillowcase behind your rectangular pillows. Lastly, top off with a layer of decorative cushions.


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