How To Match Your L Shape Sofa And Coffee Table For Your Space?

How To Match Your L Shape Sofa And Coffee Table For Your Space?

At Ruma Home, we’re not just about bringing you your preferred tables and sofas such as L-shaped sofa in Malaysia. We’re all about finding the best furniture designs and solutions for your living space, no matter the shape and size!

In this guide, we’ll show you different ways to lay out a space using the favourite L-shaped sofa Malaysia loves! We’ll also quickly dive into how to match your sofa with some of the best designer coffee tables in Malaysia! As we’re big believers in working with what you’ve got, here are some ways to arrange a L-shaped living room.



How To Design Your Space With An L-shaped Sofa in Malaysia

The trickiest part about fitting a L-shaped sofa into your living room’s design is that you’re working with two different small spaces. If you can embrace both spaces—and the awkward angular shape of the room as one open concept design, you’ll find that there are tons of possibilities to work with.

Just like designing any room, you would want to take into consideration how you’ll use your L-shaped sofa and living room. Does the space have to work for both living and dining? Or does it need to be family-friendly for kids? Do you WFH and need a dedicated office? Start by identifying and getting specific about the key functions of your space, be it for lounging or TV watching.

This will help determine the furniture you’ll need and how to eventually arrange the room.



Try The Casual & Comfy L-Shaped Living Room

This L-shaped living room design approach makes the perfect gathering spot for a family home. The best part is that both the large and small spaces can be dressed up or down to suit your lifestyle and needs. For instance, you can add a TV to the media stand or decorate the walls behind it to create a gallery wall display. Likewise, you can turn the smaller nook into a reading corner or make it a play area for kids.

In this L-shaped living room, the layout is also optimized for lounging and conversation. The main seating area is loosely arranged with modern pieces that are sophisticated to avoid overcrowding. And because the mixture of furnitures isn’t overly formal, they give the overall room space a casual and open vibe.


a) Anchor With Streamlined Seating

When it comes to maximizing an L-shaped living room, one of the easiest ways is to anchor your walls and corners with seating.

An L-shaped sofa in Malaysia helps to extend the short wall and also fills out the awkward corners in the room. Their simple form helps keep the room from feeling visually crowded. It also subtly divides the L-shaped room into a main seating space and nook. The result: a lounge and conversation area that feels visually balanced and thoughtfully arranged.


b) Functionalize Awkward Corners

With a L-shaped living room design, you’ll most likely have to work with a few tricky corners. In this room, it’s the small spaces alongside the TV.

To solve this, you can opt for an armchair to anchor one corner and place a media console in the other, turning the corners into functional spaces. Fill it out with things that serve your daily lifestyle and needs.


c) Build Out a Reading Corner

Turn the smaller space in a L-shaped sofa-based living room into a cozy reading nook. Simply line a wall in the small room with a bookcase, add an armchair or beanbag chair in one corner, and ground it all with a rug.

This is one of the most functional and stylish ways to play up an L-shaped living room design, because it can be changed and added with other decorative pieces over time. The reading nook can be an area for kids to play and read, and at the same time work seamlessly as a library for the entire family.



Four Quick Tips On How To Match Your L-Shaped Sofa And Coffee Table


1) Consider The Coffee Table Dimension

Have you ever felt the awkwardness of a coffee table that’s too high or too low for a sofa? Imagine living with that every day if you chose the wrong height for your coffee table!

The height of a coffee table needs to match the height of your sofa. A simple rule to keep in mind is that the average height of a coffee table should be the same height as the cushions on your sofa or one to two inches lower; anything more than that and you’ll risk the space feeling and looking odd. Additionally, you should ensure the length of the coffee table is in relation to the width of your sofa. Specifically, the coffee table should be roughly two-thirds of the length of your sofa.


2) Measure Your Living Room

Consider and measure the proportions of the living room. It will save you from the unnecessary troubles of having furniture that’s too big or little for your space. Once you have the measurements ready, you can start choosing the ideal shape of your coffee table.

Choosing the shape of the coffee table, be it round, square, rectangle, or oval often comes down to the length and clearance (which is also known as the space between the coffee table and sofa and TV unit) required around it. It often depends on the shape, size, and height of your sofa too. A bigger sofa can handle bigger coffee tables whereas a round coffee table can soften the straighter and sharper lines of your furnishings.


3) Find The Balance

It’s all about balancing all of your furniture together. So, when choosing a coffee table, think about the “weightiness”. A coffee table should complement the other furniture in the room and make everything feel proportioned and balanced. In a way, you want a balanced contrast between the coffee table and sofa.

If your sofa has low or no visible legs, then opt for a coffee table that has high skinny legs. A good question to ask yourself is “does the room feel leggy’ (both the sofa and coffee table have raised skinny legs)?” and “is the room grounded?”. If your answer is, “Yes, it feels leggy” and “No, it doesn’t feel grounded”, then you might have to reconsider the design of a coffee table to balance the space.


4) Know What You Need

Think about what you need in a coffee table. Do need a design with storage or one with lots of surface space? Do you put your feet up on the coffee table? Maybe an ottoman is a better choice for you. If you need a kid-friendly piece, then a rounded and non-glass coffee table is a safer option than a rectangular glass coffee table. Picking the right material is important too.



Find the perfect coffee table and L-shaped sofa in Malaysia for your living space at Ruma Home

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