How To Decor Around Your Sofa Bed In Your Living Room?

How To Decor Around Your Sofa Bed In Your Living Room

For many Malaysians living in studio apartments and small homes, it’s often an issue when thinking about how to make the living room furniture layout work with a pull out sofa bed or a foldable sofa bed that you commonly find in Malaysia.

It’s about finding ways to make it work while still leaving room to breathe. A living room is often the hub of a house, but when it’s cramped and narrow, choosing and arranging decorations and furniture around a sofa bed can feel like an impossible task.

Well, here is some good news: it’s possible to have a small living room that can do it all and still feel (relatively) spacious!

In this article, we’ve gathered the best living room ideas where you can decorate around the pull out sofa bed or a foldable sofa bed to help you make the most of your space!



How To Design Your Living Room Around Your Sofa Bed?


#1 Accentuate The Room’s Best Features

Firstly, approach a small living room strategically. Assessing the room’s assets and making those the focal points as much as possible is the best way to make the room appealing. If it’s got great natural lighting, play that up with lighter colours to create a sense of expansiveness. If it has a stunning balcony view, draw attention to it.


#2 Scale Down Furniture

In a narrow living room, every piece of furniture matters. Choose leaner tables and wall cabinets to save much-needed floor space. For seating, your sofa bed should do the majority of the work. Also consider wall-mounted shelves and a floating desk over bulky bookcases and workstations.


#3 Get Creative With The Layout

Limited space challenges you to think beyond seating conventions. If the room is narrow but also long, we recommend placing the sofa and a table back-to-back to allow for maximum usage of space.


#4 Use Decor To Add Visual Interest

Having several different lighting sources at different heights will draw your eye to different areas of the room, making it feel bigger and more interesting. Try adding a larger attention-getter to balance scale, such as a piece of art or built-in bookshelves. Try with eye-catching gallery wall or artwork or mirrors, or add a bold wallpaper.


#5 Float A Selection Of Furniture

In any room that’s tight on space, it’s tempting to push all of the big furniture up against the walls, including your sofa bed. However, you can choose to float the sofa bed into the middle of the room, transforming the heart of it into a space for conversation.


#6 Try Café-Style Seating

If you’ve ever tried eating dinner at a coffee table, you know it really isn’t possible unless you don’t mind being hunched over so far your nose touches your knees. But a single person—or even a pair of people—doesn’t need a massive dining room table to suit their needs on a daily basis.

If your living room needs to also serve as the dining room with your sofa bed in view, consider a round café table with two chairs to maximize the available space.


#7 Split Your Living Room Sections Using Rugs

To visually set apart that floated sitting area in the middle of the room with your sofa bed from the room’s other functions, choose a rug where the edge doesn’t extend further than the sofa bed. The line visually cues that you’re moving from one “zone” into another, which keeps the furniture from feeling like a jumble.


#8 Find A Focal Point In Your Living Room

Every living room will have a focal point, which will typically be dictated by the purpose of the space. Many homeowners would agree that the TV is the point of interest in their lounge, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, your sofa bed can be the main attraction in your living room.

Once you’ve decided on this, you can then begin planning the rest of your décor around your focus piece.


#9 Have Clear Routes Around The Room

When you’ve got plenty of new decorating ideas in your head, it can be easy to get carried away with furniture arrangement ideas to fit your foldable sofa bed in Malaysia. But, it’s important to consider how you will move around the space and how to incorporate your ideas as practically as possible.

If your living room has an open-plan and leads to other areas of your home, like the kitchen, you can plan your furniture placement strategically so it distinguishes the space from neighbouring ones.



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