Difference between Armchair and Lounge Chair in Malaysia

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For many Malaysians, shopping and deciding on their home furniture is probably one of the toughest choices to make, given the abundance of options by various furniture retailers. One such challenge lies in choosing between an armchair and a lounge chair Malaysia.

While they offer similar functions, the two differ mainly in terms of design. In this article, we explore the functions and importance of an armchair and a lounge chair separately. On top of that, we’ll also discuss the differences between these two chairs.


Functions of Armchair and Lounge Chair

Although the main function of the two chairs is to provide people with a place to sit, relax, or lounge in after being on their feet for long periods, there’s more to this than it meets the eye because different types of chair serve different purposes.

That said, the functions of these chairs are concerned with the physical and psychological well-being of the sitter, as well as people other than the sitter. The first category is self-explanatory as the armchair Malaysia is designed with side support for a person to rest their arms or elbows while the lounge chair is designed to comfortably accommodate various postures of a person.

The second category is the psychological well-being of the sitter, it’s concerned with how sitting in an armchair or a lounge chair makes you feel or what it does to your position, posture, and relationship to others.

Meanwhile, the third category has to do with the fulfillment of functions for people other than yourself like your guests or family members. You see, the armchair is usually found in living spaces as it provides comfortable seating for anyone in the area. Lounge chairs, on the other hand, are typically found outdoors like at hotel resorts so that people can relax in them.


Importance of Armchair and Lounge Chair

An armchair and a lounge chair are essentially important for every space design as they provide comfortable seating for anyone in the space. For the living room, an armchair is more suitable as it’s designed for a person to comfortably relax their posture. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t put a lounge chair in the living room. You just need to be creative in the seating arrangement.

The same goes for lounge chairs. As the name suggests, lounge chairs are backed chairs that can be adjusted and moved to offer various sitting positions. Designed to accommodate a range of preferences, styles, and functions, lounge chairs are often used in spaces where posture relaxation often occurs such as in homes, offices, waiting rooms and communal spaces. Moving forward, we’ll discuss the differences between these two chairs.


Armchair vs Lounge Chair

As we mentioned earlier, these two types of chair offer similar functions but differ mainly in terms of design. Here’s how they differ:



The armchair is one of the most important functional pieces of any interior that offers plenty of purposes other than seating. Available in various designs and colours, it can turn a living space into a visually appealing one. Designed with an armrest or side support, you can sit in it comfortably throughout many hours of the day, reading a book or spending time with your family.


Lounge Chair

Different from an armchair, a lounge chair can offer you a place to enjoy a relaxing time from a busy day or simply as a stylish accent piece. Every lounge chair is designed to be lower and more reclined for comfort but the perfect one will enhance your décor, embody your design goals, and invite you to relax.


How to Choose Suitable Style of Chair for Your Interior

When it comes to choosing a suitable style of chair for your interior, there are many things to consider before you can purchase one or two chairs from various furniture retailers in Malaysia. Here’s a guideline on what you should consider before choosing a new armchair or lounge chair.


#1 How will you use the armchair or lounge chair?

Chairs or sofas, as we all know, see all kinds of use and abuse from the users. So, when you choose an armchair or a lounge chair ask yourself: what’s the main purpose of your armchair or lounge chair? Do you have pets to consider? If so, you’ll need to choose your fabric wisely.

Also, does your family or friends prefer to sleep over on the weekends? In that case, a lounge chair is more suitable than an armchair. Make sure to weigh up all the different uses of your chair when making your decisions.


#2 Plan your living room layout

Before you purchase either an armchair or a lounge chair for your interior, check how they’ll fit in your living room. Allow yourself to imagine the position of the chair in your home by taking pictures of your desired chair and placing them against the backdrop of your living room.

Bear in mind that you’ll need even more space for the lounge chair as you don’t want your space to appear smaller than it is. A low armchair with narrow arms can help keep the spacious look in a small room, while chairs with legs can make the room feel bigger, as the floor can be seen beneath.


#3 Check the frame of your chair

If your armchair or lounge chair is going to be used daily, pay close attention to the frame and ask the retailer what the frame is made from. Load-bearing parts should be made from hardwood such as oak or ash.

To check the frame’s stability, lift the front right leg six inches off the floor. The front left leg should follow, otherwise, the frame may be flimsy and prone to bending. Also, look for legs that are part of the frame. That way, you can easily arrange them in the living room.


#4 Which style will suit your home?

This will depend on the style that you’re trying to achieve for your interior. If you’re looking to bring the outdoors into your home, consider a rattan or wooden armchair in Malaysia from Ruma as these materials offer natural warmth and can last over long periods.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to create a contemporary living space, an upholstered single sofa chair with wooden legs may just be right for your interior. Throw in some cushions to work them in your interior design scheme.

With this guide in mind, all that’s left for you to do is to find the right chair for your home. As one of the Scandinavian furniture outlets in Malaysia, Ruma offers a variety of sofas – from single sofa chairs to lounge chairs, to fit your ideal home interior.

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